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Fraction calculator: easy solve fractions problems

Best ✌ math calculator with fractions, decimals, percentages, and parentheses that shows a detailed solution for all calculations. 😊 Perfect for students, parents, teachers, and woodworkers to solve or verify fraction problems. At school 🏫 or home 🏠 need to solve simple or complex fraction problems? convert fractions into decimals? or decimals into fractions? - this fraction calculator will do it ✅ and will show how it was done 😺 Features of this fraction calculator app ➕ ➖ ❌ ➗ 🍉 Supports combining decimal and fractional numbers. Automatically reduces fraction result to its simplest form. 🍇 Converts fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions. Calculated result is displayed using fractions. Equivalent value in decimals is also available. 🍌 Shows a detailed solution, step by step for all fraction problems and calculations. 🍎 History of previous calculations is available. 🍒 Besides basic math operations such as add, subtract, multiply and divide; fraction calculator allows calculating percentages for fractions. 🍅 Tripple keypad available 🍍 Works with big numbers. No limits 😋 We have made this fraction calculator app available in multiple colors 🌈 for you Fraction calculator with the solution for free © UUCMobile, 2018

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