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CIA - Caller ID & Call Blocker

CIA - Caller ID will help you identify unknown numbers on incoming calls. CIA also helps you block unwanted calls and warns you about spam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions of users worldwide. With CIA you can immediately see who an anonymous caller is, whether it is a business or a personal number. Our database identifies contact data for more than 1.5 billion numbers worldwide. Block phone numbers and add them to your own personal blacklist. Features • Real-time Caller ID: Always know whos calling • Slide, tap, swipe: Slide the Caller ID up or down the screen, tap to minimize or swipe to dismiss during calls • Smart call actions: Mute or block calls, reject calls with predefined text messages or set a call back reminder • Call blocker: Block calls from telemarketers and other scam/spam callers • Spam warning: Get warnings for more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide • Search numbers: Identify name, address or business information of whos behind a strange telephone number • Alternative businesses: If you call a company and the phone number is busy, CIA will suggest similar alternatives • Backup contacts: Never lose a contacts phone number again • Contact shortcuts: Multiple ways to handle contacts on after call screens • My profile: Manage the information other users see about you • Integration with multiple data sources e.g. Yelp, facebook, Tripadvisor, Google Places, White Pages and Yellow Pages across the world to provide faster, more precise results.

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