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Fiona Dobson - Crossdressing And Crossdressers

Fiona Dobson helps you accept yourself as you are, and create yourself as you desire. Fiona will lead you through the skills and fun of Crossdressing, and give you the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests to your own. Daily updates ensure youre never left wondering Whats a gurl to do, when on the morning commute or waiting at the nail spa Weve developed a supportive and entertaining community of members who enjoy the unusual, but exciting world of crossdressing. Id like to welcome you to that world. Every week five members of her ‘Little Black Book are featured – crossdressers wanting to chat or meet and connect with others. You can reach out to them, or simply enjoy the stories, tips and tricks of dressing, amazing self hypnosis files, and follow the fun that goes on in the World Of Fiona Dobson. If you should choose to become a full member of Fionas Little Black Book (for as little as $2.95 a month0 you have contact with hundreds of crossdressers and Admirers the world over. Whether you are looking for someone to connect with, or just want to read some crossdressing tips on the way to work, youll find a wealth of informative content served up by the app. We update the content every day, and deliver a new feature every week. Youre provided with great sound files as well as self hypnosis exercises to help you feel great about dressing. You can be assured youll never be short of things to do if you follow the stories and suggestions provided. Fionas crossdressing blog has grown to one of the largest crossdressing sites on the net. Offering advice, stories, as well as connections to others http://FionaDobson.com is a meeting point for likeminded friends who all agree to put their best stiletto heeled foot forward and mince proudly into the future with a sense of fun and non-judgement. Join us today and begin to “Accept yourself as you are and create yourself as you desire.”

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