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Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook

Fleetmatics - A Verizon Company uses Fleetmatics Logbook to implement a compliance solution for FMCSA Hours of Service regulations. This app uses a Device Administration permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN) to stop app background services from being stopped in undesirable circumstances (either by employees, process-killing apps, or to give the services a higher priority with the operating system) in order to improve the stability of the app. The background services that need to run continuously are related to maintaining a socket connection to some hardware. The use of this permission may may it more difficult to uninstall this app. NOTE: Please note this app is only for use by and should only be installed by Fleetmatics customers with a Logbook login. Trying to manage Hours of Service paperwork and driver compliance creates hours of busy work for drivers and administrators. Now theres an easier way with Fleetmatics REVEAl LogBook. PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Fleetmatics REVEAL vehicle tracking system account with LogBook vehicle hardware and features enabled and a valid username and password. Not sure if are using Fleetmatics REVEAL? Contact our support team at 866-227-1100. Not yet a Fleetmatics Customer? Visit www.fleetmatics.com for details. Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook removes the busywork from hours of service paper processing and keeps you fully compliant with FMCSA regulations for any type of vehicle. Managers have visibility into HOS tracking for any one of their tractor-trailers, box trucks, buses or pick-ups with hitch trailers within their fleet. REVEAL LogBook seamlessly tracks HOS information by getting the vehicle information through the engine, directly to the LogBook mobile application. Real-time HOS non-driving events can also be captured in real time, even when away from the vehicle. Drivers log into this native Android application and start tracking their hours of service with limited interaction from the driver and with no extra data plan required. ● Future-proof hours of service compliance * Automatic software updates keep you compliant for future regulation changes * Current AOBR 395.15 compliant * Data retained for minimum period of time required by law ● Works with any Android-powered tablet or phone * Data plan optional - Our tracking units send HOS data from your mobile devices back to the Fleetmatics system at no extra cost. - Even when Away from Vehicle, HOS tracking is stored on the app and can be updated to Fleetmatics without additional data costs. ● Works with any type of vehicle * Supports Property-carrying FMCSA regulations * Supports Passenger-carrying FMCSA regulations * Supports Exemptions: - Texas Intrastate - Oilfield * Variety of fleet sizes - Small, medium, and heavy duty vehicle compatibility ● Make a stress-free transition to electronic logs, with an intuitive interface for office staff and an easy to use app for drivers * Mobile App familiarity for drivers * Minimize down-time due to training and change management * Keep drivers and office staff on the same page with real-time visibility into hours of service status * Easy set up and roll-out for drivers rulesets ● Stay ahead of potential problems * Mobile DVIR inspection report submission help you stay ahead of repairs no matter where your drivers are

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