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Ludo 3D Multiplayer

Ludo is a huge game in many countries, but you have never seen a Ludo game like this one. It takes the Ludo game to a new level. This Ludo game makes it much more vivid with the cute animals. You can play alone, pass & play, or online with friends. If you like Ludo, you should definitely try this one. Features: - Many characters to choose from - Play against 1-3 computer players - Pass & Play with any combination of human and computer players (2-4 players) - Play against your friends and family online - All time classic family game Languages supported: English Norwegian Swedish Danish German Spanish Finnish French Italian Ludo game is a classic family board game, where you use one dice. It is a race to get your 4 tokens from start to finish. Ludo is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Ludo exists under different game names from various name derivations: In Spain, it is called Parchís, In France, the game is called Petits Chevaux or Le Jeu de Dada In Italy, its called Non tarrabbiare In Greece, the game is called Γκρινιάρης In Sweden, it is called Fia In Poland, it is commonly referred to as Chińczyk In Estonia, its called Reis ümber maailma In China, Malaysia and Singapore, it is called 飞行棋 or 飞机棋 In Hungary, this game is called Ki nevet a végén In Colombia, it is called Parqués More information on Ludo can be found at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludo_(board_game) We listen to your feedback: Send suggestions to support@fungamesmobile.com Play Ludo

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