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Week by Week Pregnancy App. Contraction timer

This free pregnancy tracker app will help you remain calm throughout your pregnancy. This pregnancy guide will always keep you informed about the processes taking place in your body, the development of your baby and the things that matter the most to you now, including a healthy diet. Theres also a tracker for everything youll need, right down to a contraction timer for when the time comes. Every time you feel puzzled and dont know how to act in an unfamiliar situation, start this app to find answers to your questions. Full list of features: ✔️ Description of your babys current development. ✔️ Things you should pay attention to this week. ✔️ Test your knowledge to see if youre ready for childbirth, and be amazed what youll learn about your body and childbirth while pregnant. ✔️ Pregnancy diet. Plenty of tips on nutrition, food you can and cannot currently eat and drugs you can take. ✔️ Tips for each week of your pregnancy, from conception to delivery, including exercises and workouts, books to read, and other things for a healthy pregnancy. ✔️ Drawing your attention to the important dates of your pregnancy calendar. ✔️ Checklists for each trimester, editable To-Do lists for each 3 months of trimester. ✔️ Pre-birth To-Do list. ✔️ List of things you will need at the hospital and immediately after your child is born. ✔️ Baby due date calculator by date of conception. ✔️ Pregnancy countdown calculator. And a nice widget for your desktop that displays the current age of your child. ✔️ This App has a smart contraction tracker that will let you know when you should head to the hospital. A labor tracking widget in the status bar will help you to track labor contractions, too. 💥 And a Super-Bonus for your belly Take photos each week and the app will automatically generate a time-lapse video that will show it growing day by day. Dont forget to use your journal, too, and by the end of your pregnancy you will be able to look back at your development and remember your day-to-day thoughts and feelings with your pictures ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We worked hard to make the best app chock-full of information for future moms. Dont hesitate to submit your recommendations and suggest new features that we will try to implement as quickly as possible.

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