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Libero Mail

Get the official Libero Mail App and finally manage all your email accounts (Libero, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Virgilio ...) in one single App Libero Mail App is easy to use and designed to impress. Try it on any smartphone or tablet Discover all its distinctive features: • Quick actions and user friendly With an intuitive interface specifically designed for mobile devices, allows almost any operation with just one touch. • Multiaccount Manage all your mailboxes - of any provider - from a single application, easily. Libero, Virgilio, Tiscali, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Fastmail: all your accounts in one app. And switching between accounts is a snap NOTE: Accessing a Libero account protected by Password Sicura, please use the password for client and mail applications. • Quick contacts Dont waste a second Contacts from your phonebook and most frequent recipients of your emails pop up while composing a message: just select and send. • Custom notifications You can set up alerts for each account customized according to your needs: - choose when you want to be notified on new incoming messages - enable and disable notifications for any account - custom notifications setting by message type, sender or folders • Customized Inbox Customize the look of your inbox by enabling or disabling preview messages and setting avatars for your friends. • Instant Search and practice Finding a message is a breeze heres why: - immediate search in all folders - filters to narrow results - suggested contacts • Attached Images Sending pictures has never been so easy: in just one operation you can select a group of photos directly from the gallery of your smartphone or your tablet. Download now Libero Mail app developed with My.com ----- For any suggestions or recommendations you can write to android_mail@italiaonline.it

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